Are You Getting What You're Paying For?

The TeakOrigin Guide helps you discover the inner qualities of the food you buy and eat - giving you the real story of what’s beneath food's surface.

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Our mission

Why We Do It

Are we getting what we’re paying for? We squeeze, inspect and sniff our fruits and vegetables, but don’t actually uncover anything about their taste, freshness, and nutritional value. TeakOrigin is a food data company on a mission to help you make the best possible food decisions. We change the way you see and understand food’s invisible qualities.

Because appearances can be deceiving.

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Our process

How We Do It

By combining the scientific rigor of a chemistry lab with the realities of how we buy and eat food, we’ve developed a way for food to tell us what it is versus what we assume it is. TeakOrigin makes it possible to accurately and consistently measure what’s happening inside individual foods. The TeakOrigin Guide organizes these never-before-seen insights into views that are accessible, actionable, and easily understood.

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Our Process

What We Do

To begin, we’re starting with fresh produce in two US cities. Every week, our team buys thousands of fruits and vegetables at ten grocers in both Los Angeles and Boston. We measure the nutritional contents of these foods (Quality Score), rank grocers on delivering the highest quality at the best price (Value Rank) and compare that to what consumers think about grocers’ produce quality (Perception Rank.) We share a fresh crop of results here each Friday!

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Our Team

Who We Are

We are a passionate team of food and data scientists committed to giving you the best possible information about the actual quality of the food you buy and eat. We don’t run ads or accept sponsorships and this site is free to use, even for the companies that grow, ship and sell our food. We’ve spent the last six years working alongside some of the world’s top companies and institutions ensuring our methods are scientifically validated and that our approach is helpful to anyone seeking to make better food decisions.

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